Main causes of Subluxations and its Chiropractic solutions

Main causes of Subluxations and its Chiropractic solutions

In Chiropractic terms Subluxation is a physical condition where the vertebrae in the spine of a person is misaligned. ‘Subluxation’ as a word, comes from Latin origins which literally translated to less/slight (sub) and dislocation (luxation), which in the case of Chiropractic terms is spinal misalignment.

How does Subluxation happen?

This usually happens due improper position, motion or movement, or a strong external force. There can be other reasons including emotional and chemical changes as well. These changes can happen due to road accident, sudden fall, abrupt jarring movement, other forms of external trauma, injury from athletic activities, and birth trauma. It can also happen due to poor posture, incorrect sleeping position and wrong ways of lifting heavy objects.

What happens after Subluxation?

When this happens, the misaligned vertebrae creates an unexpected pressure on the spinal bones, affecting the nerve communication which works between the vertebrae and the spine. This misalignment creates additional pressure and stress causes imbalance in the normal processes of the body. Long term Subluxation gets worse with time and as the spine is extended along the back side with many other organs, it has the probability of causing other kinds of physical problems.

Other causes of Subluxation

During Birth – All kinds of birth methods, C-section, vaginal or forceps – has the scope of Subluxation because the newborn is pulled out with external force.

Emotional response – Our modern lifestyle is very stressful and that sometimes causes many physical problems resulting from excessive stress, worry, anger, depression and other negative emotions. The muscles in our body tighten and may cause a vertebrae to get misaligned from one moment of careless movement.

How can Chiropractic solutions help to correct Subluxation?

Chiropractors are specialised in handling spine, bones and joint related problems of the body. They can examine to check for any kind of misalignment in the spine and if it’s in the proper position or not. They perform a process called spinal adjustment. They are experts in applying controlled pressure at the right places in the spine to realign the vertebrae back to its proper position. They may also use instruments to detect and treat a Subluxation.

The sooner a patient consults with a chiropractor after their discomfort feeling in the spine from Subluxation, the better they can recover fast from it. Usually in fast consultations, there is no pain associated with the Chiropractic spinal adjustment, but long time running problems can lead to experiencing mild to medium levels of pain because of the prolonged nerve injury and inflammation.

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