First visit to the Chiropractor?

First visit to the Chiropractor | Chiropractor Gold Coast | Massage | Hinterland Chiropractic
First visit to the Chiropractor | Chiropractor Gold Coast | Massage | Hinterland Chiropractic

What you can expect…

Whether you first seek chiropractic for wellness care or for swift relief of pain symptoms, a visit to our clinic will open your eyes to a novel way of achieving optimal health. But what exactly takes place during new patient’s visits? Read on to find out.

Education… Go Team!

First you’ll learn about your Chiropractor’s background and training. You’ll also be introduced to our unique team approach, one that encourages patients to take charge of their health.

First Visit To The Chiropractor? | Chiropractor Gold Coast | Massage | Hinterland Chiropractic

Doctors of chiropractic serve as wellness coaches, inspiring patients to be active team members who play a vital role in their own wellbeing.

An understanding of spinal anatomy and the chiropractic philosophy empowers patients to work with their Chiropractors to achieve a lifetime of wellness. That’s why your first visit will incorporate an overview of these two areas.

Spinal Anatomy 101

The Chiropractors will provide a brief, easy to understand outline of spinal anatomy. You’ll learn how the spine works, its function and how to keep it healthy.

Philosophy at a Chiropractor’s Office?

Many first time chiropractic patients are surprised to hear their doctors discuss philosophy. However philosophy is an integral aspect of the chiropractic experience! It is one of the many things that distinguish chiropractors from other healthcare professionals.

Chiropractors base their practices on a holistic wellness oriented philosophy of health. Chiropractors focus on prevention rather than masking the pain with medication. This revolutionary approach is the secret behind the success of chiropractic.

By addressing the whole person, not just the symptoms, chiropractors provide rapid lasting results.

Health History

At your first chiropractic visit, you’ll complete a health history questionnaire (or you can download one from the link at the top of the page to have ready prior to your visit). You’ll also be asked about lifestyle factors, such as exercise, stress, and nutrition and work environment. Additional questions will be asked to determine the unique features influencing your wellbeing.

Physical Examination

An initial chiropractic evaluation includes a thorough physical examination consisting of orthopaedic and neurological testing. In addition, the Chiropractor will assess your posture and conduct a comprehensive spinal evaluation. The spinal evaluation requires the Chiropractor to detect alterations in alignment or related muscle tension by focusing on the skin surface above the bones of the spine (vertebrae). The Chiropractor will also note how the vertebrae move during bending and sitting.

Specifically, the Chiropractor is looking for signs of a common condition called vertebral subluxation, which occurs when vertebrae are slightly out of alignment or spinal movement is restricted. This condition is linked with a host of disorders such as migraines, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and sleep disturbances.

Will I require X-rays?

X-rays (also referred to as radiographs) provide our doctors with crucial information about the health of your spine, which may not be evident during a physical examination.

For further information, refer to the X-Rays section of the site under “Services”.

Report of Findings

Here’s when you can learn if chiropractic can help you. After analysing the results of your health history, physical examination and X-Rays (if taken), the Chiropractor will tell you if you can benefit from chiropractic care.

This assessment is based on scientific research and clinical experience. If you’re not a good candidate for chiropractic, you’ll be referred to an appropriate healthcare professional. In addition the chiropractor will explain any abnormal or suspicious results explaining how they may impact your health.

You’ll also be encouraged to ask questions (remember, you are part of the team).

What’s the Plan Doc?

Next, you’ll be presented with a recommended care or treatment plan, custom tailored to fit your individual needs. This strategy usually combines adjustments with recommendations for exercise, stress reduction and ergonomic alterations. In some cases, the Chiropractor may choose to co-manage your care with another healthcare professional.

You may be offered different levels of care plans and asked to choose the right one for you. Specific care plan options fall into the three categories.

  • Level One: Pain Relief. This phase of care involves intensive intervention aimed at halting symptoms (This phase is bypassed for those pain free individuals seeking chiropractic for wellness care.)
  • Level Two: Corrective Care. This phase of care is aimed at correcting the underlying spared dysfunctions that triggered your pain episode. It also involves identifying any discrepancies that may cause future problems and correcting those before the onset of symptoms.
  • Level Three Prevention and Wellness Care. This phase of care involves less frequent visits aimed at creating Optimal wellness.

Let’s get started! After you have established a care plan, it’s time to get on the fast track to optimal health. If the Chiropractor detected any vertebral subluxations during your evaluation, you will receive your first chiropractic adjustment. This highly effective manoeuvre involves strategically placing gentle pressure on the spine in order to restore movement to restricted areas.

This procedure also re-establishes proper alignment to misaligned vertebrae. Research reveals that chiropractic adjustments are extremely safe, much more so than common painkillers… and chiropractic adjustments are painless. In fact, most patients report that they feel fantastic!

Payment options

We understand that new patients have questions about the cost of their care. That’s why we are upfront about payment options and explain any out-of-pocket expenses when applicable. We work with patients to create payment plans designed to make wellness affordable.

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First Visit To The Chiropractor? | Chiropractor Gold Coast | Massage | Hinterland Chiropractic

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