Hip Pain

Hip Pain

Our hips are the biggest joints in our bodies. When hips aren’t working at their best, everything becomes a struggle. Hip pain is caused by a variation of issues and can affect the muscles around your hip, as well as the ligaments, soft tissues, blood vessels and nerves around the hip’s joint.

Hip Pain Can Cause The Following Symptoms

  • Pain within the thigh
  • Pain within the hip joint itself
  • Pain within the groin area
  • Muscle swelling and cramping
  • Knee pain
  • Back pain
  • Spinal pain
  • Infections
  • Referred pain

Your skilled chiropractor, Dr Yaron and massage therapist, Dr James at Hinterland Chiropractic on the Gold Coast, can help you understand the causes and symptoms behind your hip pain.  Your chiropractor appreciates that when you experience hip pain, it can turn simple tasks into difficult tasks. You don’t have to suffer anymore.

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Hinterland Chiropractic Gold Coast, Adapt Hip Pain Treatments To Your Needs

At Hinterland Chiropractic, we believe everyone should be able to enjoy a pain free life. When you meet with your knowledgeable chiropractor, Dr Yaron and massage therapist, Dr James they will discover the base reason of your hip pain. From here your chiropractor will take the time to develop a treatment plan that will be specific to your hip pain and your recovery. We understand that everyone is different and that hip pain stems from a wide variety of issues, so you can be assured we are against a “one treatment fits all” way of thinking.

Visiting Your Chiropractor Is The First Step To Freeing Your Hips

When you become a Hinterland Chiropractic patient, you are putting yourself on the right path to freeing yourself from hip pain. Your chiropractor or massage therapist will aim to assist you, in achieving a pain free life from your very first consultation and beyond. They will help you with care routines and educate you on the best way to care for your hips so that you can give your hips, and your entire body a healthy foundation.

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