Also referred to as Radiographs, X-rays can provide doctors of chiropractic with crucial information about a patient’s spine not evident during a physical examination.

Doctors of chiropractic are extensively trained to follow standard criteria when determining if X-rays are necessary.

Common reasons chiropractors recommend X-rays include:

  • A recent trauma, such as a motor vehicle accident or a history of trauma.
  • Chronic pain, which has escaped diagnosis.
  • A history of cancer or other disease, which may affect the bones.
  • Suspected arthritis or other degenerative disease, common in individuals over 50 years of age.
  • Suspected herniation of the spinal discs (intervertebral discs).
  • Suspected misalignment of the spine, such as scoliosis.
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Even if you had X-rays taken in an emergency room setting you may require new X-rays. As one scientific study disclosed, “Chiropractors are encouraged to perform a comprehensive evaluation of patients presenting with (neck) trauma even if they have had prior X-ray films reported as normal. Standard xray films taken at emergency department facilities are not entirely reliable for detecting or revealing cervical spine fracture-dislocations.” (Manipulative Physiol Ther 2002:25:2639.)

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