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About Thermography

Basically whilst an X-ray defines anatomical structure and an MRI is used to define soft tissue structure, Thermography is used to define physiological function by measuring heat differences within your spine.

During a scan the Platinum System Thermography scanner’s sensors take approx 8 thermographic readings per centimetre. That means 800 samples (400 on each side) will be taken for a full spine scan. The procedure is totally non-invasive, therefore, Thermography can be used on a regular basis to measure and monitor progress without any risk to you.

Paraspinal Thermography has been found to detect the cause of many conditions which have eluded other diagnostic tests making it one of the most versatile and scientifcally accurate diagnostic tools to come along in recent years.

Platinum System Thermography is the only system for chiropractors that will show both hot and cold spots.

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