What Does a Chiropractor Do?

After deciding to attend a Chiropractic office you will usually complete some simple paper work to help your Chiropractor understand the history of your health. Your Chiropractor will then review your health history and determine if your problem is best helped by chiropractic care. Many patients who understand the importance of correct nerve and spinal functioning come in for a check-up long before any symptoms are present. Remember it is easier to stay well than get well.

FAQ about Chiropractic The Chiropractor will perform a thorough examination. The type of tests that the Chiropractor will perform will be determined by the results of your consultation. The assessment will include various orthopaedic tests, bi-lateral weight scale analysis, postural analysis, reflexes, range of motion, and thermography. At the conclusion of these exams the doctor may recommend having x-rays, however this is based on each person’s individual case. Following any x-rays and tests you will be scheduled for a report to go over your doctors findings. This report is thoroughly explained to you with an outline of what, if any further care will be necessary. Your Chiropractor will outline a program of care which will be best suited to your unique health condition.