Is Chiropractic for Sore Backs Only?

Chiropractic is definitely not limited to sore backs. Headaches, migraines, pins and needles, numbness in the arms and legs, joint stiffness, hip pain, “growing pains” in children are just some of the myriad of other symptoms that are often removed with Chiropractic care.

CLICK HERE to see the Spinal Nerve Function Chart which clearly shows how each section of your spine innervates with various parts of your body.

Many patients will also report with regular care such things as improved sleeping patterns, greater energy levels, better concentration, improved work capacity and a general overall improvement in wellbeing.

There is no doubt that Chiropractic is considered the most effective treatment for back pain by many health researchers. One such study by the British Medical Research Council even recommended the inclusion of chiropractic within the National Health Service when it was found that Chiropractic care was more cost effective and enabled more people to return to work faster than traditional medical methods of care.