How To Improve Sleep Quality Through Chiropractic Care

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How To Improve Sleep Quality Through Chiropractic Care

If a good night’s sleep sometimes seems like only a dream, Hinterland Chiropractic has some good news for you.

Booking a visit with us won’t just soothe back and joint pain—it may also improve the quality of your sleep. One-third of people who have a chiropractic adjustment report an immediate improvement in their sleep.

While many ‘answers’ to sleeplessness utilize drugs, your Gold Coast chiropractor at Hinterland Chiropractic uses the latest research to find the most effective strategies for patients suffering from this unfortunate problem. We can help you determine the lifestyle changes and chiropractic care you need to go back to sleeping like a baby.

We suggest both ‘natural’ at-home solutions and chiropractic treatment.

Natural Approaches

First, consider lifestyle changes that support better sleep. As part of your comprehensive treatment plan, you may need to include nutritional supplements and other lifestyle changes.

It is often useful to decrease caffeine and sugar intake, or add stress management techniques, such as exercise or yoga. Your may also use supplements, under careful guidance from your chiropractor, to treat insomnia.

These include magnesium, Valerian root, passion-flower, 5-htp, melatonin and tryptophan. The aforementioned either promote relaxation or increase the body’s production of serotonin, the sleep hormone.

Here are a few more time-proven techniques.

White noise. Never underestimate the power of soothing background noise. Whether a sound machine or the whirr of a ceiling fan, a low and even background noise decreases the risk of being woken up by louder, sharper sounds like babies crying, dogs barking, and cars honking.

White noised sets a threshold for what your brain is used to dealing with. Having the low hum of a repetitive, consistent noise increases our chances of achieving sleep and staying there.

The NO electronic devices zone. We understand the need to use digital tools, but when it comes to sleep, it’s time to power down digital devices. Studies suggest that the blue/white light given off by electronic devices prevent the brain from releasing melatonin, which is the hormone that tells us it’s time to sleep. This makes it harder to fall asleep and can mix up our internal clocks. An hour before you go to sleep, put all your devices to sleep! By the way, this might even mean your clock or night-light – Make sure that it shines using a sleep friendly colour, normally an amber, orange, or red light.

Your Bed is for SLEEP! Some people eat in bed, watch movies, catch up on paperwork, or use those sleep-crushing electronic devices. Our brains then begin to associate the bed with those activities. So, when you lay down, your body expects to do what is had done in the past – and not necessarily sleep. If you sleep in your bed, and nothing else, your body and mind will find it easier to get to sleep.

Stick to a Routine. In the hour before bed, create a relaxing routine to prepare for sleep. Bathe, meditate, or whatever works best for you! Avoid stressful or stimulating activities. Practice this routine about the same time every night, and you can train your body to accept routine and settle into a comfortable sleep schedule.

The Chiropractic Approach

If you do not want to have to take pills to improve your sleep, make your next step an appointment with us. Many of our patients at Gold Coast notice more restful sound sleep after their adjustments.

Pain, both acute and chronic, is a primary reason why people experience disturbed sleep. Whether it’s back pain, neck pain or headaches, chiropractic treatments have a long history of being able to help.

In a recent study of 221 chiropractic patients, one-third of the subjects who completed the required interview reported immediate effects on their sleep following chiropractic adjustment. From this group of responders, an amazing 98% recorded improved results with chiropractic against those whose sleep patterns did not get better.

Not only can we diagnose and treat spinal problems to relieve discomfort, but we will also offer suggestions for getting better sleep. This could be as simple as which particular sleep position is best for you (typically, we discourage sleeping face-down) and whether a chiropractic pillow or a firmer mattress might lead to your perfect sleep.

The sleep benefits of chiropractic treatment extend beyond adults. Forty per cent of infants experience deeper sleep after a single session with a chiropractor—a fact that every parent should love, considering that about 25% of babies have sleep troubles. And it’s likely that once your child is sleeping soundly, you should sleep better as well!

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