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Rebecca Merrit


Rebecca Merrit

My name is Rebecca, though most people call me Bex.

I have worked at Hinterland Chiropractic since December 2011 and before this I was unaware of this wonderful world of health and nutrition. Since beginning here as a Chiropractic Assistant I have had my eyes opened to the natural painkiller of Chiropractic. In 2009 I was in a major car accident and suffered extreme whiplash. For two and half years I was in constant pain and on every drug the doctors felt may help. When I began here I became a patient and since then have not taken any painkillers. No daily headaches, no migraines, no waking in constant pain and for that I am thankful. I was so thankful I now have my whole family under care.

Now that you know the medical history, let’s try the personal history.

I was Born in NZ (Yes another darn Kiwi) and moved to Australia in 2006. I enjoyed many different and fun jobs in NZ, ranging from a mechanic, search and rescue, real estate, managing agricultural farms, farm worker and even artificially inseminating pigs (yes you can laugh). When I moved to Australia I became a senior financial adviser and worked for too many hours a week. One day stressed out and lying in a hospital bed I decided that I had enough stress and enough of losing my individuality. I quit that day. I sold cars for a while, then joined my family here at Hinterland Chiropractic.
My home life consists of Children, husband, snakes and dogs. Many people call me the reptile woman or the “Goth” due to my strange interests and individual look. Yes I can be a bit weird sometimes but once you meet me you will see a friendly confidant woman who loves her family, her job ,her friends and will help anyone who is in need. I believe everyone should be an individual and should love who they are and be comfortable in their own skin. If not, then change who you are for the better.