KAROM Himalayan Salt & Kelp 500g+100g

KAROM Himalayan Salt & Kelp 500g+100g


Original Himalayan salt contains all the elements of which the human body is comprised. From the periodic table of elements we are familiar with 94 natural elements (stable as well as unstable).

Crystal salt from the Himalayas is considered the king’s salt. It is also known as the “white gold” or “salt of life”. This is not surprising, since the word salt comes from sun (sol). Himalayan salt contains an abundance of stored sunlight. When we speak of Himalayan Crystal Salt, we are referring to only one specific crystal salt, the “Original”, coming from one specific location in the East Karakorom range of the Himalayas in Pakistan, that has been the subject of comprehensive medical research.

Original Himalayan Salt is more than sodium and chloride. Original Himalayan Crystal Salt can actually be viewed as a nourishment. When we speak of salt, and as we scrutinize its properties, we mean only the salt in its original form: holistic, wholesome, unaltered, natural salt, as it has crystallized in the Earth over millions of years. Such salt is a pure ocean of energy.


Karom Himalayan Crystal Salt

Fine Salt & 10% Kelp
600gm nett

100gm in Refillable Glass Shaker
100% Pure Himalayan Salt

Salt, for humans, is foremost an information carrier and not a spice.  For information to be absorbed into our cells, a crystalline structure is necessary.

To explain the point: Chemically, a stone and a quartz crystal are both silicates. However, the vast difference in the amounts of pressure they were subjected to, distinguishes them. The quartz crystal embodies a perfect geometric form, a perfect state of order within its structure. The stone does not. Its elements are coarse, because it was not subjected to enough pressure to create a crystalline structure. Crystal salt layers wind through the mountain of salt, shimmering in transparent white, pinkish or reddish veins. The elements trapped within the crystal salt are in particles small enough to be able to penetrate the human cells and be metabolised.

What makes Karom Salt’s Himalayan Crystal Salt most effective as a provider of mineral nourishment is the aeons of time during which it was formed. This process of maturation under compression allowed abundant time for the rich mineralization of what was originally sea-salt by its surrounding matrix of rock. Himalayan Crystal Salt is effectively super-charged sea salt without the threat of pollution from compromised sea water. Not only is Karom Salt beneficial because of the nutrients it holds within the salt but the extra bonus of kelp also makes it a superior quality product for your health. Kelp is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals: Kelp has been shown to contain 46 minerals, 16 amino acids (the building blocks of protein) and 11 different vitamins. Prominent among the minerals are iodine, salt, iron, potassium, phosphorus and calcium.


Himalayan Salt creates an electrolyte balance, increases hydration, and regulates water content both inside and outside of cells. Balances pH (alkaline/acidity) and helps to reduce acid reflux. Prevents muscle cramping, aids in proper metabolism functioning, strengthens bones, lowers blood pressure and helps the intestines absorb nutrients. It also Prevents goitres, improves circulation,dissolves and eliminate sediment to remove toxins.

The health benefits of kelp include its ability to regulate the thyroid gland, improve the body’s metabolism, reduce cancer risks, help in weight loss, keep the body hydrated, strengthen the bones, balance the pH levels in the body, and improve the immune system.

Phew! And it tastes amazing a well.


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