Femme Essentials Multivitamin and Mineral – 60 Tablets

Femme Essentials Multivitamin and Mineral – 60 Tablets


To take a Supplement literally means to supplement any vitamins or minerals that you are unable to source through diet alone.

The Femme Essentials formula has been scientifically formulated to provide key nutrients to support and maintain the female body and all its many requirements.

Femme Essentials not only supports energy production and promotes healthy cognition and brain function. The addition of magnanese, zinc, boron and vitamins D and K combine to maintain healthy bones and normal muscle and nerve function. Folate, B12 and iron can assist in supporting normal healthy blood and heart function. Iodine, folate and vitamins B6 and B12 may support healthy hormone metabolism, B6 may also assist with the relief of pre-menstrual symptoms. Broccoli sprout, carotenoids, vitamin A, B2, C, E plus selenium and zinc have been included in this formula for antioxidant support.


Women’s Multi with Antioxidant Support.

Ingredients in Femme Essentials may:

  • Women’s multivitamin with antioxidant support.
  • Support healthy hormone metabolism.2
  • Contains broccoli sprouts (BroccoPlus – Broccoli).

Free from dairy protein, lactose, eggs, gluten, wheat, nuts, and salt. Free from artificial colours and flavours.

Why Supplement?

Vitamin and mineral supplementation continues to be a contentious issue amongst health professionals. The common catch-cry of the medical community is that vitamins and minerals are adequately available from our food. It’s hard to appreciate the credibility of this advice, when it is delivered from a profession that receives negligible nutrition training. In Australia, this claim contrasts in stark hypocrisy against laws prescribing the mandatory fortification of bread with thiamine and salt with iodine. In addition, folic acid supplementation in pregnant women is a recommended requirement to protect an unborn child from developing spina bifida. But we’re meant to be getting that from our foods, right?

The inconvenient reality is that food ‘ain’t what it used to be. The marvel of modern agriculture has robbed our soils of essential minerals and consequently, our plants are deficient in these nutrients also. As natural health expert Charlotte Gerson explains; plants need over fifty vitamins and minerals, yet our abused and overused soils only typically receive phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium. If our plants are vitamin and mineral deficient and our bodies cannot manufacture these essential compounds, where else are we supposed to obtain them from?

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