Health Concerns Involving Popcorn

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Popcorn is a must-have in celebrations, get-togethers, and especially when we hit the movies theatres or plan a movie marathon. It has been closely linked to fun and entertainment. Then again, popcorn can be unhealthy and at times, dangerous, depending on the manner by which it was prepared. In its natural form, popcorn is considered to be healthy. However, it is rarely served without salt and other additives, which pose a definite threat to your well-being.

Research has established that the artificial flavours, which manufacturers and many consumers love to put into a bag of popcorn, carry trans-fatty acids that make you more prone to cardiovascular disease. Also, popcorn in microwaveable bags is a popular option today. However, researchers have found traces of harmful substances in the bags and these might cause problems when inhaled or ingested. In order to make sure that your popcorn remains to be a healthy treat, experts recommend that you follow the traditional way of popping the kernels by using a hot-air popper. Also, when it comes to flavour, use natural ones like rosemary, honey, chili, or organic dark chocolate.

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Health Concerns Involving Popcorn

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