4 Healthy Reasons to Buy and Eat Local Produce

Here’s a 2 minutes and 32 second 4 Healthy Reasons to Buy and Eat Local Produce video. See full transcript below.

Nowadays, a lot of people are buying locally produced foods. It is because purchasing foods from local farms is not only beneficial for the environment; it is fruitful for the economy and your health, too. The crops are picked at their ultimate freshness; thus you can be sure that the nutrients and other essentials remained intact. Given that they are grown and harvested locally, local foods are way fresher than crops that have been distributed from other countries.

When it comes to good nutrition, you want to be sure that the foods you consume are not only healthy but are also absolutely safe to eat. Organic farmers apply fewer chemicals than large-scale commercial farms. No wonder the food tastes better and has more nutritional value. Also, eating locally produced foods is eating seasonally. This means you’re enjoying a variety of fruits and vegetables during their abundance at a less expensive price.

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4 Healthy Reasons to Buy and Eat Local Produce

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