Why Meditation is Essential for your Overall Health

why-meditation-is-essential-for-your-overall-health-gold-coast-chiropractorAre you suffering from unexplained discomforts such as headaches, muscle tension, or general ill feeling? Perhaps you are more exhausted that you used to be and have trouble sleeping?

These simple symptoms can be caused by too much stress or anxiety in your life. Psychology Today refers to stress as “the silent killer”. That’s because being stressed out over a long period of time can literally kill you.

At Hinterland Chiropractic, we recommend chiropractic and meditation as natural and practical approaches to helping to alleviate stress and anxiety and lead to a better quality of life and wellness.

How Meditation Helps

Meditation can significantly decrease stress and anxiety by improving your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

Research indicates that meditation strengthens the brain by increasing the sizes of its specific areas. Research also shows that meditation can lessen the possibility of brain-shrinkage caused by ageing.

Studies have shown that meditation has potent physical effects. It can lower blood pressure and boost heart function. A scholarly survey in the journal Perspectives on Psychological Science suggests that meditation has been shown to offer positive effects on a person’s immune system. It can also reduce symptoms of psoriasis and chronic gastric distress.

Finally, meditation can decrease pain and stress by changing how your brain processes them. Keep in mind that the best way to drive off stress and its symptoms is to have a healthy mind and in a healthy body.

Four Steps to Resolve Stress Issues

1.Take time-out – Practice yoga to stretch and relax your muscles. Try to meditate and listen to relaxing music. Get a massage and chiropractic massage. You can practice other relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises and biofeedback.

2. Eat a nutritious and well-balanced diet – It’s important that you don’t skip meals, especially your breakfast. Reduce your intake of too sweet and salty foods including highly processed foods. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and limit your alcohol and caffeine consumption (these two substances can increase levels of anxiety and stress.)

3. Get enough sleep – refrain from using your smartphones or tablet before bedtime as research shows their use can inhibit sleep. Make sure that you get enough sleep every night so won’t feel sleepy and tired in the morning.

4. Stay physically fit and healthy – Perform exercises that are suitable for your age and body. Also be certain that your body is in alignment. It is always good to consult an expert for recommendations and additional workout tips.

How Chiropractic Reduces Stress?

Chiropractic adjustments relax and re-align muscles in your neck, shoulders and back. They increase the mechanoreceptor input from better spinal motion, which unwinds the stress response. Moreover, chiropractic adjustments decreases nociceptor (a sensory nerve cell that responds to damaging stimuli) input to the brain by reducing damage and inflammation, helping to decrease the stress response.

The stress response can be produced by structural dysfunction in the spine, which is referred to as vertebral subluxations. This problem can limit a person’s mobility and flexibility as well as irritate the nervous system, leading to lower levels of physical health and amplified stress.

Chiropractors are trained to identify and treat misalignments that can affect your overall wellbeing, and use safe and gentle chiropractic adjustments to treat them. Chiropractic adjustments can provide numerous amazing benefits including reducing levels of stress resulting in better sleep, lowered blood pressure, and reduced anxiety and depression.

Get Help with Stress at Hinterland Chiropractic

At Hinterland Chiropractic we provide holistic and non-invasive solutions for a variety of health problem such as stress and anxiety. Your trusted Gold Coast chiropractor can identify the source of your stressors and provide the right recommendation so that your physiology can be restored and improved to its best possible state.

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