Turn Your New Year’s Resolutions Into This Year’s Solutions

Turn Your New Year’s Resolutions Into This Years SolutionsThe holidays are behind us now and the New Year has begun, for better or worse.

For those among us that struggled to maintain healthy lifestyle habits, the time for excuses and interruptions has passed and the time for turning good intentions into positive actions is now upon us.

Making New Year’s Resolutions and setting goals for the up-coming year are common methods of trying to learn from the old and improve in the new. Like breathing: out with the old and in with the new.

Because of repeated failures to keep resolutions and meet goals, it is tempting to mitigate the pain and embarrassment of failure by not making any new resolution. If we don’t set any goals, we can avoid failure, depression, and embarrassment if we don’t meet those goals.

Problem solved, right? Nope. Not at all.

A wise man once said …

“If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time”

Setting a goal but not reaching it, is not failure.

Setting a goal and striving for it is having the courage to make a commitment, and benefitting from the effort put into reaching that goal. Even if the goal is not reached, benefit is gained.

Not setting any goals is failure to face challenges and losing the chance to learn and grow from the effort expended trying to meet and conquer those challenges. No benefit is gained.

At Hinterland Chiropractic we are not into shaming anyone into any kind of programmed behaviour. We are into encouraging everyone to live the fullest and healthiest life possible.

Making New Years resolutions and setting measureable, achievable goals is a valuable exercise in self-improvement.

Whatever your New Years resolutions are, or even if you didn’t consciously set any goals for the year, we are here to help you make the most of this year by providing the most beneficial, up-to-date, holistic, health services in the greater Gold Coast area.

Here are some popular resolutions that can improve your life dramatically:

  1. Spending more quality time with family and friends
  2. Learn a new skill
  3. Save more money, spend less money
  4. Quit smoking
  5. Reduce weight
  6. Stop or reduce alcohol consumption
  7. Conquer an addiction
  8. Get in good physical condition
  9. Create something beautiful
  10. Organise things or activities

All of these resolutions can be turned into measurable, achievable goals. These goals can be attained through planning and discipline, and you can observe actual change in your life if your plan is achievable and realistic.

Before this week ends, think about what kind of changes you would like to see in your life.

One worthy goal is to maintain and improve your spinal health. Spinal health is related to all other categories of wellness ranging from pain management, to hormone balance and organ functions, to psychological and emotional health.

The professionals at Hinterland Chiropractic have devoted their lives to understanding how holistic health is achieved and maintained, and to the care and healing of the human skeletal system. The skeletal frame affects all other bodily systems.

Without a healthy spine, it’s impossible to achieve optimum health in all the other body systems. An unhealthy spine can cause problems in seemingly unrelated systems and unusual symptoms and diseases.

Visit Hinterland Chiropractic for a thorough spinal evaluation, and at the same time, bring in your New Year’s resolutions. We can help you turn those resolutions into achievable goals and by helping you make concrete plans to reach those goals.

Let Hinterland Chiropractic help you make some of your dreams come true!

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