The Significant Link between Health and Spirituality

The Significant Link between Health and Spirituality

Scientific studies show strong evidence that a “positive association between being religious or spiritual and improved health, both in response to acute events and chronic disease.”

Your health partners at Hinterland Chiropractic want you to have a better understanding about the connections between the abstract spiritual parts of life and the tangible physical parts are.

Reduces Cardiovascular Disease

A study found that people that attended religious services or read scripture daily were 40% less likely to have a high diastolic value than those who didn’t practice such activities.

Higher levels of activities link to spirituality may be related to lower levels of anxiety in life.

Increases Life Expectancy

One study shows that healthy, regular churchgoers live 25 percent longer than non-church goers.

Those who attend religious services regularly can expect to enjoy seven more years of life than those who don’t.

Combats Dementia

Research shows that in some elderly people suffering from dementia, religious or spiritual routines can help to trigger memories and reconnect those people with their loved ones and community.

Improves Cancer Survival Rates

Greater immunity was found to be associated with more spirituality in women with breast cancer.

The spirituality was measured by “frequency of attendance at religious services and importance of religious or spiritual expression”.

Maintaining a healthy, well-functioning nervous system is the key to providing holistic physical, mental, and emotional health.

So it makes sense that anything that affects the nervous system is important to the chiropractors at Hinterland Chiropractic when it comes to your health.

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