Healthy Activities for Dads this Father’s Day

Healthy Activities for Dads this Father's DayIt’s another year to celebrate Father’s Day – the perfect time to honour and celebrate dad”s all over the world. It’s a special day that lets them reflect the real meaning of fatherhood and how they can improve and maintain the health of their loved ones, including their own wellbeing.

While it’s common for dads to receive material gifts from their families during father’s day, why not break the rule for a bit and offer him a healthy and extraordinary gift this time around? Give him the gift of health he deserves, be it an adventure-packed pastime or memorable bonding moments in the comfort of your own home.

Nutritious Breakfast

Eating breakfast is a constant morning rule, and you don’t want your dad to miss this. According to studies, eating breakfast can help maintain a healthy weight by supplying energy for the morning routines and helping the person stick to a controlled consumption when lunchtime comes. Serve them with foods that belong to three food groups and add a source of lean protein or fibre so your dad’s appetite is under control from high-calorie meals.

Wholesome and Fun Outing

Get your dad moving by various outdoor activities such as hiking, playing volleyball and canoeing or rowing. These fun-filled recreations provide tremendous benefits for your dad and your entire family such as reducing the risk of chronic diseases, healthy weight, strengthening bones, enhancing mental and physical health and boost your Dad’s quality of life.

Outdoor Cooking

Most dads prefer cooking outside, preparing dinner with the help of smoke and grill. Instead of grilling unhealthy foods such as hotdogs, hamburgers and the like, think about getting him a vegetable basket instead. Baskets of seafood such as fish and shrimp are also a great companion for grilled vegetables.

Best Form of Relaxation

Relaxation is essential for both mind and body, and any health experts can attest to that. Think of a Father’s Day gift that will make him relaxed, at the same time, healthy in the long term. A massage gift certificate is a good idea, but if you are thinking about something that can completely eliminate your dad’s body aches and pain due to daily stress, go for chiropractic care.

The Most Relaxing and Healthy Gift for Him: Chiropractic Care

Dads are one of the busiest people you’ll ever know. Their duty and responsibility as a father is simply incomparable. This Father’s Day, help your dad stay fit and healthy by introducing him the benefits of chiropractic care. Your dad can get subluxations too, which can make their neck, back and other joints in the body in pain. Chiropractic treatments are all-natural and don’t involve neither drugs nor surgery. Chiropractors can analyse and gently adjust vertebral misalignments caused by many different activities. Chiropractic care aims to restore and maintain the alignment of the spine including its function through chiropractic adjustments. Once your dad’s spine is correctly aligned, his overall health is enhanced in numerous ways.

A Father’s Day Gift of Wellness in Gold Coast

Treat your dad with a chiropractic care appointment here at Hinterland Chiropractic. Chiropractic care can do so much more beyond relieving pain. It can ward off diseases, improve posture and solve stress-related problems such as headaches. Your trusted Gold Coast chiropractor can offer your dad the perfect healthy gift he is worthy of this very special day. Hinterland Chiropractic provides families on the Gold Coast with the very best lifetime health care. Using all-natural means and holistic approaches, we help you in achieving optimal overall health and wellness. Call us today on (07) 5527 3133 or book your appointment online.