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First visit to our Naturopath?

We are currently running a very special promotion to encourage people, who are thinking of visiting our Naturopath to BOOK NOW.

The total value of our package is $195 and for a short time can be yours for only $48.

Special Offer visit structure…

First Visit – Assessment:

Assessment will take approximately 30 minutes and will include the following tests.

  • VLA – Bio impedance Analysis
  • Indicans urine analysis test
  • Zinc test
  • Heavy metal test
  • Blood Glucose test
  • Blood pressure

We will also analyse your Health Appraisal Questionnaire. This can be downloaded from the link at the top of the page. Simply print it out, and take your time to fill it in at your leisure…and don’t forget to bring it along to your appointment.

Also, please read the following instructions carefully to ensure your first appointment tests return the most accurate results.

First visit instructions:

  1. Download the appropriate patient history questionnaire form. (see pdf links below)
  2. Print out your form and fill it in as accurately as possible. (there should be 6 pages in total)
  3. Then bring the completed form along with you when you come in for your first appointment.

Total time for initial assessment: 30 minutes – Normally this would cost $120.

Chiropractic - Your Gold Coast Chiropractor - Download Patient History for WOMENChiropractic - Your Gold Coast Chiropractor - Download Patient History for MEN

Second Visit – Report of finding

Follow up consultation will take approximately 30 minutes and will include the following:

  1. Comprehensive report of findings from all of the testing done on first visit.
  2. Comprehensive Recommendations to kick start the path to better health.

Total time for follow up consultation is 30 minutes – Normal cost $70 + Report $10

Total initial assessment value $200 – Yours for only $48

So, what next?:

Once you and the practitioner have discussed your treatment program, it is an ideal time to book your next appointment so that we can closely monitor your progress along your path to better health.


Types of consultations:

Initial assessment consult

30 minute consultation – $120

This can be used from the promotions or for those just wanting to see the naturopath for the first time.

Report of findings consult

30 minute consultation – $80

Everyone getting the initial assessment needs to come back for their report.

Follow up consults

30 minutes – $70

Used in the stay well and get well programs, for pay as you go visits, or for those coming back for one off visits.

Mini consults

20 minutes – $50

Used in the Shake it and Detox programs only.


30 minute VLA + Indicans for detox $100

Stay Well Program

Consists of 4 x Follow up, 30 minute consultations. Set fortnightly.

Get Well Program

Consists of 8 x Follow up, 30 minute consultations. Set fortnightly. + Review assessment 30 min consult and review report 30 min consult, set the week after the last follow up consult.

Detox Program

Consists of 3 x Mini, 20 min consults. Set fortnightly. + Re-assessment, 30 minute consult, set 1 week after last mini consult.

Shake it Program

Consists of 6 or 12 x Mini, 20 minute consults. Set weekly.


Thinking of giving Natural Therapy a try?

Simply call now on 5527 3133 and make an appointment to take advantage of our Special Offer.

This is exclusively for new patients. Don’t put off taking charge of your health, discover the all natural power of Natural Therapy today!

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