Hidden Causes Of Headache

Hidden Causes Of Headache

In today’s pill-popping culture, drugs are often considered the first line of defence against headache pain. The problem? These drugs have a proven history of ineffectiveness. In addition, they are loaded with potentially perilous side effects.

All-natural alternatives, however – such as the type of chiropractic care provided by your doctor at Hinterland Chiropractic – Offer safe and effective ways to end headache pain.

Vertebral Subluxation

When spinal bones are misaligned, the result is a common condition known as vertebral subluxation. this, in turn, restricts the movement of nerves and muscles: an underlying cause of headache.

Neck Tension

When neck muscles stiffen and contract – a chain of events frequently sparked by poor posture – the result is a tug-of-war with spinal bones: a scenario that often leads to the development of vertebral subluxation.

Jaw Problems 

Headache is commonly associated with temporomandibular disorder: the latter being a possible trigger or perpetuating factor.

 Eye Strain

Another well-known instigator of headache is eye strain. Glaring computer monitors and vision difficulties are two of the most common causes of eye strain.


Another common origin of headache – is also one of the most simple to remedy.


Emotional anxiety is one of the most common headache instigators. Fortunately, you can diffuse this time bomb before it explodes.

Winning Techniques to ward off headache:
  • Yoga, T’ai Chi or Pilates
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Meditation & Prayer
  • Dancing
  • Laughter
  • Hiking and Nature Walks

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