8 Simple and Effective Ways to Kill the Migraine Pain

8 Simple and Effective Ways to Kill the Migraine Pain

Spinal misalignments in the upper neck can cause pressure to your very delicate spinal cord and damage your health in many ways.

Pain and other body signals are signs from you to you – a warning sign that something is wrong in your life.

Following are some simple suggestions for helping to relieve the stresses that could be causing your migraine:

  • Take a break. Take regular breaks. Stand up, stretch, and take a quick walk around.
  • Motion is life. Regular exercise is good for your heart, your lungs, your muscles and every other part of you.
  • Eat a very low-fat diet. A diet full of sugars and other chemically-processed foods forces your body into a stressful in­flammatory state.
  • Get some rest. When you’re not as rested as you should be, your body doesn’t function or heal to its optimal level.
  • Close your eyes for a short time. Your migraine could be related to eyestrain.
  • Drink some hot tea. The heat and caffeine could have a beneficial effect.
  • Put a warm, wet washcloth on your forehead. In some cases this can help relax overly tight muscles in your head and face.
  • Laugh. Two benefits: re­leasing calming hormones throughout your entire body, and relaxing those facial muscles.

Remember, your spine and your nervous system are the founda­tion of your health! Taking care of them should always be your first step in seeking more and better health.

If you’ve been neglecting your spine – allowing yourself to miss adjustments or skipping your home care protocol – now is a great time to re-focus!

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