Your healing Power

The POWER that Made the Body Heals the Body

The fact of the matter is that there is an amazing healing POWER that resides in all of us. There are 75 trillion cells in our bodies constantly interacting and communicating with each other. Think of the tens of thousands cellular interactions occurring each second of our lives.

Your heart knows exactly how much blood to pump and the exact pressure and rate at which to pump it. We don’t have to tell our lungs how to intake oxygen or our body cells how to use that oxygen to create energy and function. Thank goodness we don’t need to spend our mental energy telling our stomach how to break down the sandwich we ate for lunch. If we had to consciously coordinate blood clot formation when we got a cut on our hand, for example, a paper cut may cost us our lives.

All of these processes happen automatically, brilliantly orchestrated by your master POWER system—your nervous system.

True core healing doesn’t come in the form a pill, powder or potion. These external remedies may offer occasional temporary relief from body signals, but they cannot fully resolve the underlying issue. Pain and symptoms are signals telling us that what we have been doing needs to stop. They are part of our innate warning system communicating that some aspect of our behaviour, some decision or habit has caused our life to be thrown out of balance.

Symptoms, if listened to properly, are an opportunity to make positive changes in our lives.  There is only one source for core healing: the innate life force that flows through your nervous system.

Chiropractic Adjustments Release Your Healing POWER

The chiropractic adjustment is a very unique and specialized pressure into the spine to free the misaligned (subluxated) area of stored tension and to release the stress to the nervous system. Through a very specific series of adjustments, chiropractic will strengthen your nerve flow and unleash your innate healing ability. Each adjustment adds to the next, meaning, as we string multiple adjustments together in series, your nervous system will become more and more balanced, you will grow stronger and healthier as your nerve supply is strengthened.

Unfortunately, it is rarely the case that optimal healing happens overnight; healing requires consistent and dedicated action over a period of time. The number one thing that limits our practice members from achieving tremendous results with their care is

missing adjustments and breaking healing rhythm. Rhythm, repetition and consistency must be established. The people that achieve the most profound breakthroughs in their lives commit fully to their program and don’t miss one single adjustment.

Stay focused and watch the miracles unfold!