Why Laughter is the Best Medicine

Why Laughter is the Best Medicine

Achieve optimal wellness by laughing!

Science has demonstrated many health advantages to laughter.

  • Laughter Therapy helps release the body’s “feel good” hormones. This therapy suppresses stress hormones, while increasing wellbeing and contentment.
  • Laughter supports the immune system by increasing production and release of natural killer (NK) cells.
  • It diminishes inflammation, further preventing disease processes.
  • It decreases depression in the elderly while increasing cognitive function, quality of life and sleep.
  • It’s heart healthy, reducing the risk of migraine, high blood pressure and atherosclerosis.
  • It increases our pain threshold, enhances creativity, and helps us forget our worries.

Laughter is:

  • Free!
  • Available everywhere!
  • All-natural!
  • Without side-effects!
  • GREAT for your health and well being

Take control of your health and wellbeing with laughter.

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