Why Is Good Posture Important For Leading A Better Life?

Why Is Good Posture Important For Leading A Better Life?

We all want to lead a life with good health and having a fully functional body with no problems is at the heart of it. One of the things most of us are oblivious to is our body posture. We only realise the importance of posture when we start to feel ache and pain. Let’s have a look at the reasons posture is important for leading a better life.

Posture is the way we position our body when we stand, sit or lie down. Our body is placed on a bone structure called skeleton and misaligned bones and joints can cause pain and deter the regular activities.

Avoiding injury

Our bodies are designed to stay in a certain posture to deliver optimum output based on the intensity level of activity. Misaligned bones and joints cause the connecting tissues to wear off slowly over time. Once the tissues which protect the joint movement wears off, it causes the bones to come in contact and cause pain. In sudden jerk movements, the ligaments can tear as a result of poor posture and an accidental external force hit.

Better breathing

Good posture allows the lungs to fully expand to its necessity and take in maximum amount of air in. This allows your body to absorb the necessary levels of oxygen. In bad postures, the lungs are unable to expand like it should and this may result in disturbed breathing. The bones in the rib cage can put pressure inwards to the lungs due to bad posture.

Improved learning, memory and concentration

An extension of better breathing is that when the brain is able to get sufficient oxygen levels, it is able to process more information and embed it. That’s how good posture helps in breathing, which eventually leads to improved learning, memory boost and higher levels of concentration. A joint study conducted by multiple top universities has yielded this result.

Better presentation and appearance

A person having a good posture appears confident and lively because of their bold appearance, assertive body movement and the physical support they get from their bodies during movement and activities. This confident appearance helps to create a good impression and makes people more presentable. No one feels good to see a person with slouched necks and droopy movements because it makes them look lazy. Boosted confidence.

Someone who practices good posture, not only benefits physically and in terms of health, but they also get this confidence boost. When a person notices that their body is responsive, healthy, moves easily, and with comfort to get things done; their level of confidence automatically gets higher. Other people also show positive attitude towards people with good posture and that adds to the confidence as well.

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