The Strong Connection Between Humour And Health

The Strong Connection Between Humour And HealthWe are all too familiar about the classic notion on laughter being the best medicine there is.

The capacity of humour and laughter to aid in healing and recovery has been well-documented. There are numerous success stories about how bursting into laughter has helped people fight and win their battles against the most serious illnesses like cancer and multiple sclerosis.

Experts even describe laughter as the most inexpensive yet most effective wonder drug.

Some people might think that laughter merely serves as an escape from the stresses that you are currently facing. Then again, there is a significant number of scientific research that can validate the mechanism behind the healing powers of humour.

Here’s how laughter helps in improving your overall health.

Humour And Pain Relief

Laughter triggers the release of endorphins, which are known to be your body’s “feel-good” hormones. Also, these substances are very potent natural pain relievers. It has been found that when the endorphins are released into your system, they significantly increase your pain tolerance.

Humour And Immunity

In addition to relief from pain, laughter also boosts your immunity. It actually prompts a substantial increase in the production and release of the cells that protect your body from pathogens. This increase in the activity of your natural disease fighters helps you become more resistant to illnesses.

Humour And Peace Of Mind

Arguably, the most pleasant effect of laughter, aside from its many physiological benefits, would be the sweet sense of contentment that it brings. Having a sense of humour does not only keep stress away. It has also been shown to improve creative thinking and problem-solving.

Humour And Chiropractic: Better Health, Naturally

Integrating more humour into your life is a natural way of becoming healthier and enjoying the process at the same time. For more tips on keeping your mind and body in perfect condition naturally and effectively, consult your health partners here at Hinterland Chiropractic.

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