STRESS – Life Causes Stress

Avoid stress? Impossible! To be alive is to be under stress.

But stress is not even necessarily bad for you. Any emotion, any activity may cause stress. The same stress which makes one person sick can be an invigorating experience for another. Stress is part of life, but is all stress the same?

Mental Stress:

Mental stress is the type of stress most people think of when they hear the word “stress.” Things like work deadlines, projects, sales targets, family and financial worries are causes of mental and emotional stress.

The Innate Stress Response:

When we are under short-term, intense stress, our bodies have an innate coping mechanism that is genius. Imagine all of the things that your body would have to do for you to run away from a charging bull. This is your innate stress response.

•Your heart would have to pump more blood, increasing your heart rate.

•Your heart would have to pump blood more forcefully, increasing your blood


•Your muscles would have to be on “high alert” and jittery, ready to act

•Sweating would increase

•Blood flow would be diverted to your muscles for action

 These responses are controlled by your nervous system.If your nervous system is out of balance, stress can become stored in various areas of your body—most commonly your upper back muscles, jaw and upper neck.

 This tension may cause the spinal bones to misalign, further irritating the nerves, leading to body aches and pains like neck pain, shoulder stiffness, headaches and low back pain.

 Long-term stress will also cause your body to drift towards a state of inflammation. Inflammation is a state of chemical imbalance at the root of the vast majority of body signals.

 Chronic stress means you never completely relax and because of the energy drain, your body and mind become fatigued. You are then more susceptible to colds, infections, ulcers, digestive troubles, high blood pressure, asthma, arthritis, heart disease and premature aging.

Chiropractic: a Natural Stress Reliever

Chiropractic is proven solution to a wide variety of health challenges. By restoring the healing POWER in your body with chiropractic adjustments, chiropractic can help you reach your full health potential.

 The health of your spine and nervous system is the foundation of your overall health.

Unleash your best with Chiropractic!