Stress is Killing Us

We learned in our last blog about the dangerous effects of chronic stress on our health.  Stress is killing us… but we don’t have to let it!  It’s more important now than ever to pay constant attention to our health.

The chronically stressful demands of work and home can be overwhelming.  Stress can be a normal and beneficial part of our lives, but more and more doctors are waking up to the fact that nothing jeopardizes your health more than constant, chronic stress.  As our modern world continues to move and change faster and faster, and as we’re taking on more and more work and personal obligations, our health is paying the price.  But remember:  the responsibility for your own health lies with one person:  you… and you have options.

Long-term mental or emotional stresses can have physical repercussions, and vice-versa. Physical, mental, emotional, and lifestyle changes may help produce dramatic improvements in your relationship to stress.  Following are some general guidelines.  Remember:  the goal here is to improve your relationship to stress.  There’s no need to try to be 100% perfect at these things, and attempting too many of them at once can be overwhelming in itself.  Have fun!

Keep Your Spine Healthy

Your regular chiropractic adjustments are the most important and profound way to ensure that your body can function as safely and effectively as possible through times of stress.  Nothing is more fundamental to your health, to your future, to living your life to its full potential, than keeping your nervous system free and healthy for your entire life.

Spend Time in Meditation

The benefits of a regular, consistent practice of mindful meditation have been well-known in cultures worldwide for many centuries.  More recently, science is confirming those benefits.  If meditation is new to you, simply starting by sitting alone in silence for five minutes per day will make a significant difference.  If you’ve already established a meditative practice, re-commit to it.

Nourish Yourself Well

Eating a nutrient-rich, high-quality diet based on vegetables and proteins, and low in carbohydrates and other processed junk, helps keep your body and mind functioning at a high level.  Eating well allows you to avoid the energetic ups-and-downs and the (stressful) inflammatory state caused by taking in too much sugar or chemically processed foods.

Move Your Body

Our bodies are designed to move!  Exercise releases endorphins relaxing chemicals into your body.  Regular, active physical exertion is one of the most important aspects of taking care of your health.  Swimming, jogging, or biking regularly well help protect you from damaging stress.  A yoga practice can be an excellent way to mindfully move, stretch and strengthen your body.

Take a Stand

One of the most common causes of stress in our lives today is our tendency to try to do too much all at once.  Taking on too many projects and responsibilities and trying to accommodate and accomplish them all perfectly is a slippery slope, leading to the accumulation of more and more unhealthy stress over time.  Learning to say “no” to some projects, and learning to delegate others, allows for more relaxation, less worry, less stress and better health!

Devoting yourself to improving your life in some of the above ways will absolutely increase your resistance to the dangers of chronic stress.  You’ll also feel better and have a great time at it… Enjoy