Sinus problems & allergies 1

It’s not what surrounds us that cause us to lose our health. It’s what’s inside us.

Looking around at the general population, you could be tempted to believe that al­lergies and sinus problems are normal. Or that they’re something you’ll just have to suffer with. They’re not. They’re common, but they’re definitely not a normal part of the expression of a healthy, well-cared-for body.

You see, you’ve been lied to. You’ve been taught that you’re a helpless victim to your environment. You’ve been taught that having “sinus” or “allergies” is a matter of bad luck – something you were born with. You’ve been taught to live in fear of the day when you next “fall sick” from being exposed to harmful and threatening forces in the world around you. You’ve been taught that your only choice is to run to your GP, and to expect a lifetime of jabs and pills to “protect” you from feeling your symptoms.

These beliefs are insane, and these grave misunderstandings are making life far more difficult and painful than necessary for far too many people.

Have you ever wondered why it is that some people “fall sick” over and over, while some people almost never do? Why does one person in the office “fall sick” while the rest of their colleagues don’t? Everyone’s exposed to pretty much the same “bugs” – the same bacteria and viruses – but everybody does not experience the same symptoms. Same environment, different outcomes. How can that be?

The answer is simple, but we’re taught to ignore it. The solution is makes sense, but we’re unfortunately taught that it’s not our responsibility to take care of ourselves. We don’t “fall sick” because of germs and bugs, bacteria and viruses. You aren’t a powerless victim pushed around and bullied by the whims of a malicious world. You – and the choices you make in every moment – are determining whether you’re getting healthier or sicker. In every moment.

It’s a fact: you can be harmed by all those external things… but only if you’ve neglected your own internal defenses. It’s not what surrounds us that can cause our health to continually grow and ex­pand over time. It’s what’s inside us.

Everything you need to protect and defend yourself is already inside you. There works inside you an infinite, innate healing power. You were born with that power, it never left you, and it never will. Nur­turing and building that power takes a lifetime of work and dedication in this stressful world.

Your nervous system coordinates and controls everything that hap­pens in your body. That includes your natural defense system, and that’s another reason why the key to getting healthy and staying that way is to make sure your spine is well-adjusted for the rest of your life. Stay tuned and check our next newsletter for some more practical steps you can take to boost your immune system and minimize your chances of experiencing allergic reactions to the things in your world.

It’s time that we start taking responsibility for our health.