Sinus & Allergies 2

Did you know that the word “allergy” didn’t exist before the year 1906? It’s true: the word was created in that year. The reason the word “allergy” didn’t exist before 1906 is that al­lergies were almost inconceivably rare just 100 years ago! Can you imagine that? It’s so common nowadays for people to “have allergies,” but they were a new phenomenon only very recently. This clearly suggests that something has changed in our modern lifestyle – changed for the worse.

Your body is not a machine. If you fail to take care of a machine – a car, a computer, any machine – it will break down. It will stop working and you’ll be forced to fix it. Forgetting to put oil in your car will lead to only one outcome. At the very least, you’ll have to remove the damaged part of the car and replace it with a new one. If that’s not possible, you’ve burnt out the engine and you’ll need a new car.

Your body is not a machine. A machine does what it’s designed to do over and over and over again regardless of whether or not it’s destroying itself by doing so. A machine has very limited ways of telling you that something is wrong. Your body is totally different. Every single part and piece of your body is filled with a natural, inborn power. That supremely intelligent power monitors everything happening in­side your body, all the time, and gives you feedback to know whether or not the way you’re living your life is on track. If you’re not, you’ll have symptoms to let you know that you need to change something. Some of those symptoms may be sinus problems or allergies.

The fact of the matter is that each one of us creates our own reality. You are respon­sible for your own health and your own life. Following are some steps you can take to minimize your chances of being bothered by sinus or allergies.

1. Take care of your spine and nervous system. The root causes of your sinus troubles or allergies could be found far back in the history of your life. Old traumas and stresses affect your nervous system – the way to clear out your nervous system and make sure that your body is best able to heal itself is to keep your spine adjusted.

2. Make sure and get enough rest: your immune system requires that you regularly re-charge yourself with rest and downtime. It’s impossible to be fully healthy if you’re not getting enough rest.

3. Moving your body through exercise stimulates the release of all kinds of beneficial hormones throughout your body, and enhances your body’s innate defence systems. Regular physical exercise is essential for pro­tecting your health.

4. Fuelling your body with delicious and nutrient-rich vegetables, nuts and animal proteins is one of the keys to living at your 100%. Eating a diet full of sugars and fried foods is a sure-fire way to compromise your health.

5. Just because those around you are “falling sick” doesn’t mean that you will. Stay positive. Focus on staying healthy. Take action steps to keep yourself that way. It’ll happen. It always does.


Ignoring or minimizing any of these health factors leaves you at significantly higher risks of de­veloping further health challenges – including allergies or sinus problems. These factors can only help you if you take healthy, positive ac­tion, so don’t hesitate: commit to making a change today