Natural Health: Healing is an inside job

Healing is an inside jobA major philosophical premise of medicine is that diseases need to be prevented and treated by chemicals. For most medical doctors the problem that we face as human beings is that the wisdom that made us made a mistake by not giving us enough drugs in our bloodstream when we were born. Because of this we need drugs created in a laboratory to make our poorly created body work better.

Every drug that is introduced into our body from the outside has an effect. It also has a co-effect. In other words, not only does it do what it is designed to do, (sometimes) but it has other, often far reaching effects. Antibiotics have been seen as one of the ‘wonder’ drugs of our age and are often credited with the lowering of rates of death due to infection this century. They have been used more and more extensively in recent years and the co-effects of this high level of use has been reported in a number of areas on this website.

According to the Mayo Clinic Scottsdale News, July 5, 2001, about 20% -30% of all people given antibiotics experience recurrent bouts of diarrhea. The condition, called clostridium colitis, can be deadly if left untreated.

The condition occurs because of the imbalance of good and bad bacteria that develop in the colon. The so-called bad bacteria, C. difficile, can colonize in the intestinal tract when other bacteria are destroyed by antibiotics, and can cause recurrent diarrhea.

Conventional therapies with existing medications have not consistently produced effective responses from patients who complain that the diarrhea keeps coming back despite further drug therapy. Up to 30% of patients will continue to have this condition.

Chiropractors assert that your body is the world’s best pharmacy and that it manufactures everything you need to be healthy and fight the onslaughts of the environment. It will do its job provided it is not interfered with and the pathways of communication are free and clear. By promoting its proper function, Chiropractic permits the natural health mechanisms to operate closer to their optimum.