How Massage Therapy Can Improve Your Sleep & Reduce Stress

How Massage Therapy Can Improve Your Sleep & Reduce Stress

Sleeping is major activity of the human body which should be done daily and that too in sufficient durations. As our lives are now tangled in corporate affairs, dwindling in the spheres of work, family and other activities; we are constantly getting stressed. Sleep is an effective way to reduce that stress, recharge our vigour and then prepare ourselves for the next day.

However, there are many kinds of sleep disorders and irregularities people suffer from. When a basic and vital body function like sleep is hampered, it leads to other problems in life starting with our bodies. Our bodies are designed to require 8 hours of sleep at night and when people get less than that, they experience ‘sleep debt’, indicating the hours of sleep ungotten. This sleep debt can’t be fulfilled later on by getting extra sleep on weekends, it just doesn’t work that way.

The harmful effects of sleep deprivation

Whether its sleep disorder or unavailability, sleep deprivation is harmful for our bodies. Stress is one of the major factors that causes less sleep. To address this sleep deprivation, one of the most efficient ways is by getting a massage. Our busy lives and stressful situations don’t often create scope for us to truly relax and that’s exactly where massage therapy can help.

Massage therapy provides us with the missing relaxation our body needs on a daily basis. Our muscles get stressed and often contracted and pulled in unusual ways. Massage therapy helps to relax those muscles and that plays an important part during sleep. People who suffer from sleeping disorders do not get sufficient rest even though some manage to get some sleep. The relaxation part remains lacking.

Massage induces sleep and reduces stress

Massage causes releasing of relaxing hormones in our body which induces sleep and reduces the stress hormone called cortisol. The chemistry of the brain and muscles get triggered positively and the body gets more leaned towards getting a good sleep with proper relaxation. Serotonin and Melatonin are two hormones which are very much required for getting a good sleep and massage therapy improves the secretion of these hormones by taking the person to a deep state of relaxation. This helps the circadian rhythms to get reset. Circadian rhythms can also be referred as the biological clocks any living organism goes through in a 24 hour circle.

There is no doubt that massage therapy helps sleeping in many ways and that’s why people should try to get massage therapy more often and get that valuable sleep and relaxation back in their lives.