Kicking The Habit, Ergonomics, And Other Ways To Reduce Back Discomfort

Kicking The Habit, Ergonomics, And Other Ways To Reduce Back Discomfort

Perhaps you have shadowboxed for a little too long. Perhaps you have lifted things that are a little too heavy. Or perhaps you are among the many people who are suffering from arthritis. Whatever the cause is, the conclusion remains the same. BACK PAIN HURTS.

Back pain is very hard to ignore simply because back pain is rarely felt on the back alone. Often, it is a kind of soreness that radiates through your entire body.

In cases where back pain is symptomatic of something physically threatening, like when it is a product of a serious physical injury, it is of course necessary to consult your medical professional. For regular cases of back discomfort, however, Hinterland Chiropractic offers you a few tips you can try at home to relieve back pain.


Much like the other parts of the body, the spine has evolved to allow for motion and movement. As such, even when you are feeling a mild back discomfort, make it a point to continue engaging in your daily physical activities. Whether it’s making your bed or taking your dog out for a walk, or going out for an easy run, physical activity helps you maintain its natural range of motion.

Once the soreness goes away, try to resume your regular aerobic conditioning. Whether it’s swimming, running, or riding a bicycle, proper training makes you and your back more mobile. The key is not to overdo anything.

Consider Ergonomics

Consider ergonomics when designing your living space and workspace. Always sit on a chair that allows clear access to your TV screen or computer monitor without the need to hunch forward. In your workplace especially, use a desk chair that provides firm support to your lower back while keeping your feet properly planted on the floor.

Kick The Habit

Smoking increases the risk of developing osteoporosis, along with a number of other bone problems. This is especially true for osteoporosis of the spine. Osteoporosis easily progresses into fracture of the spine. One particular study reports that smokers are about a third more likely to contract lower back pain than non-smokers.

Chiropractor Gold Coast

Among the wide range of back pain alternative treatments, chiropractic care remains the most trusted and by far the most popular. Hinterland Chiropractic has long since provided the people of lower North Shore with family focused chiropractic care.

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