The Key to Maintaining Optimal Health and Wellbeing

The Key to Maintaining Optimal Health and Wellbeing

Achieving the status of optimal health is a like a dream come true. It takes a lot of discipline, determination and perseverance to be able to get in optimal health condition. However, it is even more difficult to maintain it. Good part is, it is easier for the person who has invested a lot of time and effort to reach that status. It may be difficult, but it is not impossible and even the smallest progress is useful for the body. Getting regular chiropractic adjustments, helps maintaining optimal health. So, here are a few tips on how to maintain optimal health and wellbeing.


Physical health and wellbeing is important, but it’s equally important to be mentally fit and healthy. Happiness is what we’re constantly running after as it gets modulated into different tangible and intangible forms. The core focus is to be happy, it is the key factor to drive the body and mind towards optimal health and wellbeing. Find activities and people who makes you happy.

Balanced and healthy diet

There is an argued saying, ‘you are what you eat’. It refers to our body’s mechanism to convert food into energy and if it is out of balance, it gets attached to our body. Not all food content attachments are good for the body. Imbalanced and unhealthy food gets attached as well, like fats and oils when in unregulated amounts. That’s why a balanced and healthy diet should be followed. A diet which is sufficient in amount and contains all the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients the body needs.

Regular Exercise

‘Our body is our temple’ they say. It treats us the way we treat it. That’s why we have to take good care of our body and exercise is one of the key ways we can do that. Even before the dawn of civilisation, humans have kept on evolving to more and more advanced methods of living and part of which included hunting animals, going long distances on foot, climbing mountains and trees and many others.

The reason for mentioning these activities is that the human body is capable of doing a lot of intense physical activities and it is designed to function that way. Our modern day lifestyle makes us sit at a desk for long hours, which is contrary to the body’s need. That’s why it is necessary to get some action, get the blood pumping throughout the body with regular exercise.

Quality sleep

Our body needs to recharge itself regularly. When we sleep, there are ongoing many bodily functions that repair our revitalise our body and brain. 7-8 hours of quality sleep is needed daily for staying in optimum health. The reason for mentioning quality is that many people do manage to get the time for sleeping but it get hampered and sound sleep is necessary. All the good diet and exercise that gets done is well adjusted to our bodies during sleep.


Last but not the least, relaxation is a must. Constantly running after daily tasks and getting tired of them is not healthy at all. Relaxation should be a daily activity just like everything else, and it can be in a short span of time to adjust the busy schedule. A good time in the bathtub, some minutes of meditation before sleep, listening to relaxing music and doing breathing exercises are all forms of relaxation.

One of the most effective ways to relax is by massage therapy. Professionals know the spots in our body which trigger relaxation and it gets the whole body in good shape through regulated steps of relaxation. Visit every once in a while, close your eyes and just let it all go! It helps in more ways than we can understand.

Sometimes we feel stressed, get a muscle spasm, and suffer from neck, shoulder and lower back pain from many kinds of activities, chiropractors can come to the rescue in such cases. By carefully adjusting the alignment of bones and joints, these kinds of pain can be eased.

These are the ways how optimal health can be maintained and everyone should try to do these because even if getting to the optimal point is missed out somehow, whatever the amount of progress is achieved helps the body to get in an improved condition.  Our Mission statement at the Hinterland Chiropractic clinic is ‘Families that are under chiropractic care are safer and healthier than the families that are not.’ We pledge ourselves for the safety and good health of you and your family.