Headaches and Migraines: What to do about them.

In our last blog we dis­cussed some of the more common types of headaches, and some of the things that cause them. As we mentioned, many headaches are directly caused by subluxation and nerv­ous system pressure. Spinal misalignments in the upper neck can cause pressure to your very delicate spinal cord and damage your health in many ways – even beyond pain like headaches. Your spine and nervous system are the foundation of your overall health – as always, with any persistent symptom, it’s essential that you make sure you’re subluxation-free. Only with full health and power in your body (delivered by a free and healthy nervous system) can you live your life at 100%, at your highest level!

If you’ve been taking consistently good care of your spine and working to minimize the harmful health effects of subluxation, and you’re still bothered by headaches, you need to take further steps to moderate the stresses in your life. Pain and other body signals are a sign from you to you – a warning sign that something is wrong in your life. Pain is a system that tells you beyond a doubt that it’s time to change some­thing you’re thinking, saying, or doing… and the time for change is now! Following are some simple suggestions for helping to relieve the stresses that could be causing the pain in your head.

• Take a break! Headaches can be worsened by the build-up of tension in the neck. That tension accumulates when we work too many hours in a row, especially if that time is spent hunched in front of a computer. Taking regular breaks to stand up, stretch, and take a quick walk around can give your body the opportunity it needs to relax.

• Motion is life! Your body is designed to move. Regular exercise is good for your heart, your lungs, your muscles… and every other part of you. Exerting yourself in a healthy and productive way helps dissipate dangerous stress.

• Eat well! Your body plays an incredibly important role in help­ing your body regulate itself. Eating a diet full of sugars and other chemically-processed foods forces your body into a stressful in­flammatory state that interferes with your body’s natural healing powers.

• Get some rest! When you’re not as rested as you should be, your body doesn’t function or heal to its optimal level.

• Other suggestions include: closing your eyes for a short time (your headaches could be related to eye strain); drinking some hot tea (the heat and caffeine could have a beneficial effect); putting a warm, wet washcloth on your forehead (in some cases this can help relax overly tight muscles in your head and face), and laughing (two benefits: re­leasing calming hormones throughout your entire body, and relaxing those facial muscles).

Remember: your spine and your nervous system are the founda­tion of your health! Taking care of them should always be your first step in seeking more and better health. If you’ve been neglecting your spine – allowing yourself to miss adjustments or skipping your home care protocol – now is a great time to re-focus! If there’s anybody in your life living at less than their 100%, it’s time to get them checked for subluxation… let us know who needs help in your life!