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Here’s a 52 seconds Gait Analysis from Your Gold Coast Chiropractors video. See full transcript below.

Why Gait Analysis Is Effective For Most Patients?

For many years, Gait Analysis has proven its effectiveness when it comes to curing most feet problems. Because it’s effective, Gait analysis is always used in sports biomechanics. It has already helped hundreds and hundreds of athletes in the world to maximise their capabilities and play the best way they can.

Though most of the effects of feet problem are the same, each patient has to be treated uniquely with regards to their body shapes and capabilities. Gait Analysis can help your Chiropractor Gold Coast analyse, assess and plan how you should be treated. To treat problems in your feet, we have to take a look and consider the whole body movement. Just like what Mitchell and Elle from StrideUK said, “There is no ideal running style. Everyone’s body shape is different. Running technique is quite an individual thing.” This is the same philosophy that we hold in treating our patients.

Every person has his own way on how to move from one standpoint to another. The movement is what needs to be measured so that your Chiropractor Gold Coast will know what would suit you best according to your body.

Whether professional athlete or not, many people have similar problems. Say for instance, women who have to wear different styles of shoes and vendors who need to keep standing eight hours a day. If you’re someone who has an existing health problem like arthritis and diabetes, worrying about another health issue is the last thing you want to happen. You might want to consider getting Gait Analysis from your Chiropractor Gold Coast before another small health issue becomes a big problem.

Chiropractor Gold Coast from Hinterland Chiropractic

Though not everybody needs to have gait analysis, here in Hinterland Chiropractic we do believe that everyone should have it. It’s one of today’s “must haves” especially for those who are inclined to do running so as to maintain body figures. We’ll be glad to entertain any further questions you have about the service. You can call us on (07) 5527 3133. Claim our web offer and book your first appointment with your Chiropractor Gold Coast.

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