Fatigue and Low Energy

Fatigue and boredom are problems suffered by far too many people. They’re some of the earliest signs that something in our lives is seriously not right. They can range from waking up in the morning with a chronic feeling of tiredness to a severe physical and psychological depression which can include a total lack of pleasure or fulfilment in life. We start out our lives full of vitality and curiosity… the way we’re meant to be. Sadly, far too many of us lose that along the way.

Think about a baby. Babies don’t do very much. They eat. They sleep. They poop. Sometimes they even get really creative and do all three at the same time. Sometimes they look around at things. The life of a baby is re­ally quite simple and generally uneventful. But: have you ever seen a baby who was bored? Even with nothing much to do, a young child finds his world a fascinating and exciting adventure. We expect children to be excited and curious, and they are. Whenever we see a kid who’s bored or who’s tired all the time, we know that something is seriously wrong. We expect children to be full of energy… but we don’t expect the same of adults. Sadly, when an adult loses their sense of excitement, or when an adult feels tired all the time, we don’t get nearly as concerned. We think it’s “normal.” We think that it’s alright to have low energy as an adult… but this is a huge mistake! What changes? Why do we drop the standard for what we demand from ourselves as we get older? We’re designed to live out our lives at high levels of energy: excited and enthusiastic. We’re designed to live that way all throughout our lives: for 70, 80, or 90 years! Looking through the biographies of the most successful people in history reveals that most of the men and women who have moved and shaped the world have enjoyed vigorous health and vitality until old age. Why isn’t that happening for more of us?

The reality is that life requires energy and power. Every activity of our lives – exercising, working, digesting food, that energy and power is necessary to fully engage and enjoy our lives. The problem is that the things we do in life also use up that power. An interest­ing paradox, but that’s how it is. Since that’s the case, that means we have to make sure and take action to recharge ourselves – to make sure that we don’t become one of the many people who end up living our lives at less than our full potential. The most important decision anyone can ever make is to keep his or her spine and nervous system healthy. That’s the key to your health, and the key to maintaining high levels of energy and excitement for a lifetime.

Living your best possible life – a life of vitality and energy – is abso­lutely possible. It requires work and dedication, and it requires making health-and-life-supporting deci­sions constantly, all throughout life. It takes work, but keeping yourself full of energy and power is one of the most important deci­sions you can ever make.

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