Fatigue and Low Energy 2

Fatigue or low energy is a clear and urgent warning sign that you’re not living at your full potential. If you notice that you’re more tired on a regular basis than you feel you should be, it’s time to do something very different right now. The last thing the world needs is another person feeling that they’re not fully alive.

Take a look around you the next time you’re at work or in the office. You’ll notice that an unfortunately a large number of the people around you are totally checked-out and disengaged: the dead look of boredom and apathy on the faces around us are a disturbing sign that far too many people are sleep-walking through their lives.

This is heart-breaking and sad.  This is our time. This is your time. There’s no use waiting until something exciting happens to you, and there’s no use waiting until you have more energy. We’re here to live our lives full of energy and passion, not indifference and lethargy. If you’re going to get the most out of yourself and your life, you’ll need to create your own energy source through excitement and engagement with your own life. Maybe you are in a situation you don’t like. Maybe the train isn’t very exciting. Maybe you’re less than 100% fulfilled with your work. None of those things mat­ter. The person responsible for energizing you, for electrifying and exciting you, for helping you to achieve all you can in life… is you. It’s always, only you. If you have low energy, if you’re tired and bored, change that. NOW.

This is your life and it’s up to you.

One of the main causes of fatigue or low energy is problems in the spine. Subluxation stresses your nervous system and lowers your overall level of energy and power. There’s simply no way for anybody to operate at their highest level with misalignments of the spine. If you’re already taking care of your spine, consider working on some other areas of your health to get the most out of your life:

– Take a look at your life. Are you engaging in activities that excite, move, and fulfil you? What are passionate about? What inspires you to high levels of creativity, to be your best self? The key is to find something (or, better: things) that excite you. Focus on those things, make time for them, prioritize them highly, and you’ll soon find that you’ve got more energy than you know what to do with.

– Make sure you’re eating a diet supportive of sustaining high levels of energetic output. Sugars don’t do that. Greasy, fried foods don’t do that. White rice and noodles don’t do that. Fresh vegetables and fruits; proteins; and natural, minimally-processed foods will help you stay high in energy and excitement for the long-term.

– When you spend your day in fulfilling, energy-demanding activi­ties, you’ve got to make rest a priority as well. The amount of sleep you need depends on your overall level of health, as well as the amount of activity you’ve enjoyed throughout the day. It varies a great deal from person to person… but it’s a fact that you need to rest. Deep sleep is the most healing time for your body and mind, and it must be a high priority.

– If you’ve never been on any kind of regular exercise plan, it might surprise you that burning energy in that way actu­ally brings you more energy. It’s a fact. It might seem a bit counterintuitive, but if you want to be at your highest level of energy and power, you need to be expending some of your energy on moving your body, regularly.

Make some of these changes today and start living at your full potential!