Eat Smart for Healthy Weight this Year

Eat Smart for Healthy Weight this Year

We are bombarded by news and information about diets and weight loss, yet often find weight loss difficult.

You CAN lose weight!

Make Weight Loss Work

Weight loss means making dietary changes you can conveniently manage and achieve.

Know Why

Extra weight harms your cardiovascular system, joints, and skeletal system. Avoid weight-related vertebral subluxations through chiropractic treatment.

Avoid Soda

No sugary drinks! A soda a day can add up to 29 pounds of sugar annually.

Reduce Refined Carbs

Simple carbohydrates in white rice and bread, pasta, and commercial baked goods add extra weight.

Don’t Fear Fat

The word “fat” has been turned into a dietary evil, but low fat diets rarely work.
Eat “healthy” fats such as olive oil, dairy products, nuts, and avocados.

Don’t go Solo

Dietary change is difficult – get support!

Visit Hinterland Chiropractic. We will help support your commitment to weight loss.

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