Don’t Let Back Pain Beat You In The Game

Don't Let Back Pain Beat You In The Game

Back Pain is one of the most common reasons for athletes to visit the doctor. 75% of Elite Athletes experience back pain.

Lower Back Pain by Sport
  • Gymnastics (85%)
  • Weightlifting (80%)
  • Wrestling (69%)
  • Soccer (58%)
  • Tennis (50%)
  • Gold (30%)
  • General Population (40-60%)

7-13% of all sports injuries in intercollegiate athletes are low back injuries. 10-15% young athletes experience low back pain. Female athletes experience more recurrent back pain due to overuse.

Most Common Back Injuries
  • Muscle Strains (60%)
  • Disc Injuries (7%)

Lower back pain is less common in former athletes than in non-athletes.  Athletes who use proper form and moderate exercise have fewer degenerative disc changes than those who use improper form and overtrain.

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