Don’t Let Arthritis Get You Down: 3 Ways to Help You Move Better

Arthritis is painful and it gets more problematic when it leads to less movement. The pain keeps coming back, and when it hits the joints and other parts of the body which helps in movement, it gets really hard to move around. But don’t let that get you down, lift your spirit and move around and to help you do that, here are a few tips –

  1. Eat healthy

For those who have more weight in their body than necessary, this extra weight puts extra pressure on the joints and bones, more on the knees. Whether you are overweight or not, eating a healthy diet is necessary to supplement sufficient vitamins, minerals and calcium for your body. A healthy and fit body is more likely to tackle arthritis pain.

  1. Regular exercise

Exercise helps us all. It shapes our body and bone structure and builds strength and resilience. Regular exercise will increase body mobility, keep the joints flexible and fortify their strength.

Stretching before exercise is recommended and doing it regularly also helps to keep the joint flexibility high and stiffness low.

  1. Physical Therapy

Both physical and chiropractic therapy helps the body to recover from pain. Patients of chronic conditions like arthritis get a lot of benefit from physical therapy. Physiotherapy and physical therapy procedures are specifically designed to improve the body condition based on the location and nature of pain. As the therapy progresses, the joint pain recedes and strength increases. This aids in mobility. There are specific types of exercises and techniques for arthritis, contact your local physiotherapy centre for consultation with a certified professional.

  1. Chiropractic therapy

Both physical and chiropractic therapy helps the body to recover from pain. Chiropractic care is more specialised and focused in alignment and adjustment of bones and joints so that stiffness and immobility problems can be solved. Targeting the areas of most discomfort and adding some chiropractic massage sessions will bring great results in reducing pain and make the patient feel better and improve the moveability.

Sometimes muscle spasms, tissue scars and prolonged muscle contractions can cause serious discomfort and chiropractors know the exact spots where they’ll put just enough pressure to ease the pain. Professional chiropractic treatments are effective ways to reduce arthritis pain.

Just like physical therapy, chiropractic treatments and massages work great for arthritis.