Chiropractor Gold Coast: Office Habits That Promote Healthy Living

Chiropractor Gold Coast: Office Habits That Promote Healthy Living

Many of us who work behind the desk live a largely sedentary lifestyle. This means fewer hours spent on being physically active and more hours exhausted on sitting still in front of the computer.

Many experts believe that sitting still for extended periods of time, uninterrupted by any physical activity whatsoever, negatively affects your overall health and general wellbeing. As such, doctors generally advise the office workers of today to incorporate health and fitness regimens into their everyday office schedule. Read on as your Chiropractor Gold Coast shares with you 3 tips on improving your health at the office.

Lunch Means Exercise

Try to get even 15 minutes worth of physical activity during lunch. If you have a local gym near your office, design an exercise regimen that would fit within your lunch schedule. It is best to check with your boss or HR department if you can get a few extra minutes for your lunch time workout.

Alternatively, you can take yourself for a quick run or even a brisk walk. Ask any of your workmate if they are interested in being your running buddy. A quick run, jog, or brisk walk is a good cardiovascular activity that helps with your circulation. It also helps for a more efficient blood oxygen distribution, thus allowing you to feel more revitalised in the afternoon.

Get An Ergonomic Check

Whether you work at home, or at the office, it is always a good idea to check for the ergonomics of your workplace. Proper ergonomics grant proper posture. Being able to regularly maintain proper posture throughout your work schedule reduces unnecessary stress and fatigue on your body.

If you spend most of your time in the office sitting in front of a computer, it is ideal that your monitor is at the right eye and angle for your vision. Your wrist should be well supported, as well. And your work environment should be comfortable, relaxed, and designed for your health and safety.

Enhance Your Circulation

If your day at the office consists of sitting down in front of the computer for hours at a time, always make it a point to exercise your ankles and legs from time to time to promote better blood circulation. To do this, sit back from your desk and alternately rotate both of your ankles 20 times following a clockwise motion. Now, do the same exercise following a counter clockwise motion.

Alternatively, you can flex your feet following an up and down motion. You can also consider going for a quick brisk walk between office floors every hour.

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