Chiropractor Gold Coast: 3 Essential Tips For Beginning Runners

Chiropractor Gold Coast :3 Essential Tips For Beginning RunnersDespite its tremendous health advantages, running often gets a bad rap as being too hard, too demanding, or too tough on the knees, legs, and joints. When it comes down to it, running is just like any other workout. Without the proper techniques, running is bound to be tenfold harder than what it ought to be. If you are just rediscovering the fundamental pleasures of running, then chances are you are at least a little intimidated when it comes hitting the track and the trail. Whether it is this initial apprehension, or some other thing that keeps you from lacing up your running shoes, just read on. Your Chiropractor Gold Coast shares 3 essential tips for beginning and seasoned runners alike.


Bart Yasso, Chief Running Officer of, remarks that he often hears someone say he or she is not a real runner. To this, Yasso genuinely believes “We are all runners, some just run faster than others. I never met a fake runner.”

Keep You Steps Short

Over the years, millions of runners have seen different heel cushioning technology come and go. Yet, despite the now dizzying array of the newest heel cushions, heel injuries never seem to go away. A team of Harvard researchers found out that the reason for these injuries is that the human body is not naturally designed to land on the heel. Instead, experts suggest that it is ideal for runners to shorten their strides. These allow runners to land more on their front foot and middle foot which makes for a more ideal running stride.

Get Acclimated

Your body’s level of physical fitness dips a little whenever you engage in a new workout. This gets you acclimated to the physical demands you are putting on your body. It is in these times that most new runners just give up. This is because during acclimatization, your body tends to feel a little more tired than usual. What beginning runners need to understand is that the human body needs about 4-6 weeks to adapt to new physical demands and stressors it is exposed to. As a new runner, you must anticipate this period of acclimatization. Know that, after this, you will feel significantly stronger than when you weren’t running.

Chiropractor Gold Coast: Hinterland Chiropractic

Running, much like any other physical activity, does not come without the risk of injury. However, with proper form and efficient running techniques, these risks should be very minimal. Chiropractic, too, helps in preventing running and other sports related injuries. Your Chiropractor Gold Coast specialises in muscle work that helps prevent injury and improve athletic performance. Runners can especially benefit from chiropractic because it focuses greatly on the proper alignment of the spine and pelvis. Schedule your first appointment with Hinterland Chiropractic and receive initial chiropractic consultation for only $25. Contact your Chiropractor Gold Coast today!