Children and Chiropractic

People often ask us why their children should be checked for subluxation.  They’ll sometimes see a child on the adjusting table and think, “Oh, so poor thing.  She must have a very serious problem if she needs this from so young.”  Actually, they couldn’t be further from the truth, because the opposite is in fact true.  With some rare exceptions, kids who get adjusted aren’t to be pitied… they’re to be envied!

These kids are the ones whose parents who understand that the only way to live to our full potential is by keeping our spines healthy and free of subluxation. They’re the ones who have learned that the very act of being alive means that our bodies are constantly under stress, and that the only way to deal properly with that stress is through a clear nervous system.  They’re the ones who see clearly that the greatest investment any parent can make is in their own child’s health.  These are the parents whose commitment to their children’s’ lives forces them to look beyond the mediocre mainstream options for healthcare, and search for something more powerful and truly effective.

By teaching their kids from an early age to always have a proactive attitude toward their health, these parents are setting up their children for a lifetime of health that continually improves, rather than health that gets worse as they age.  Armed with the understanding that our health is our own responsibility, and not that of anybody else (including the doctor!), a child can grow up making decisions that consistently support a healthy lifestyle.  Extended over a lifetime, this healthy lifestyle results in less health problems, more energy and a more full expression of each child’s uniqueness. Chiropractic must play a central role in a lifestyle of empowered decision-making.  Subluxation and nervous system interference disrupt normal nerve function and compromise healthy decision-making in two ways:

1. People who are subluxated have extreme difficulty deciding on a regular basis about which is the best, healthiest, most life-supporting choice out of all possible options.  This leads to severe health and life challenges.

2. Even when a subluxated person manages to make a healthy decision in another area, the benefits of those decisions are mitigated by having a body functioning at less than 100%. Parents who understand these facts make sure that their children are well-adjusted for a lifetime, and that starts with the spine and nervous system.   Kids under chiropractic care experience a wide variety of benefits, some health-related and some otherwise:  less colds and flus, better concentration and focus, and more agility and flexibility are just a few.

Many of us didn’t have this opportunity when we were growing up, simply because our parents didn’t know about chiropractic. Now things are different.  Now that we know, it’s our responsibility to do something about it.  It’s our responsibility to give our children the biggest possible head-start toward a brighter future. The children in your life deserve the very best for their health, and that begins with a check-up of their spine.