A Healthy and Positive Body Image is Essential

A Healthy and Positive Body Image is EssentialNew research shows that if you have a better body image, you could actually help yourself lose more body weight. This is because the greatest way to live a leaner and healthier lifestyle is through accepting your own as it is and spending less time pondering about it. Developing a healthy mental attitude and positive body image is important to the happiness and wellness of a person.

So what is body image? And how important it is to have a positive one? Body image is the way you see yourself while looking in the mirror or picturing yourself in your mind. This also includes your assumptions and generalisations about your own appearance and your feelings about your body, involving your height, weight and shape. There are two kinds of body image, the positive and the negative. To get the most out of life, health experts encourage one should always keep a healthy and positive body image.

Positive Body Image versus Negative Body Image

Do you feel disgusted about your body, that whatever you do for it seems like not just good enough? People who have negative body image do have this kind of perception about themselves. You are worried about your appearance or shape even other people tell you that there is nothing wrong with your body. If you have unhealthy body image, you can become obsessed on exerting efforts to change your actual body shape.

Positive body image is a different thing, an admirable trait that people of modern generation must embody. It is being comfortable and secure in your own skin. You are happy and contented with the way you look yourself in the mirror, and you always feel good about it. You value yourself for who really are and not what you look like to others or what the world wants you to be.

5 Ways to be Positive about your Body Image

1. Avoid saying negative things about yourself as well as other’s bodies. You should also ignore listening to a negative conversation about body image. As what research suggests, the human brain doesn’t recognise the distinction between something it thinks, says or hears. So when you tell your friend to lose some weight, it is not far from telling yourself to lose weight as well because your brain absorbs that information and believes the message was pointed to you.

2. Keep away from offending media. Everything you read and watch can bring an enormous effect on the way you feel about yourself. Research suggests that a person is negatively affected by watching faultless images of the same kind in magazines, on TV, video games and Internet. To prevent yourself from comparing to these images, you need to stop looking at them and minimise your exposure to idealised pictures you see in the media nowadays.

3. Discover the wonderful benefits of meditation. It is a useful tool to clear away frustrating thought cycles. For about 5 to 10 minutes, all you need to do is sit, close your eyes and breathe comfortably.

4. Have a good nutrition and eat respectfully. This means accepting and being attentive of the nutrients your body really needs. Eat plenty of good meals and abandon unhealthy foods that affect your digestive health, hormonal balance, energy and mood levels.

5. Be positive about every inch of your body. Looking in the mirror, start to replace negative thoughts that hinder with a positive thought on how you look or feel. Replace your frown mood with a confident smile.

Admirable and Healthy Body Image with Your Gold Coast Chiropractor

Improving your body image means improving your body and quality of life. Let your trusted health care partners in Gold Coast help you deal with your body image and self-esteem. Hinterland Chiropractic offers first-rate holistic services that can promote and uphold a positive body image within you. Call us today on 07 5527 3133 or simply book your appointment online. Experience the benefits of the chiropractic lifestyle today!