5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Australian Organic Food

5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Australian Organic Food

In the modern age, organic foods have become a pleasant rarity in the middle of all these types of food. The reason they are called organic is because they are produced without applying any kind of harmful chemicals. Mainly different kinds of pesticides, fertilisers, synthetic boosters, genetically modified, and chemicals which contain radiation are the ones which are not used in organic food. This is one of the main reason a lot of people prefer organic food and there are some interesting facts about organic foods in Australia, let’s have a look –

1) No Regulation

There is no way to check if a particular organic food is really organic or not, because there is no established regulation for verifying the organic status of food. Some guidelines were introduced in 2009 but voluntarily. That’s why when you’re buying food with labels ‘organic’, make sure to check the producers status, if they’re certified or not. Certification is the way you can be sure if the product is made with proper organic production principles.

2) Animal products are included too with strict rules

Organic products and food items are not limited to vegetables and plants only, animals also fall in this category. This is a very good thing because all animals are free from growth hormones, antibiotics and other chemical agents. Poultry and livestock are raised in the most natural way with natural food fed to them and without following proper natural procedures, these animal products don’t get certification.

In addition, the animals are properly slaughtered through certified ways and particularly maintained places or slaughterhouses. The animals are not slaughtered in front of others and standard procedures are followed to ensure painless rendering for them.

3) The largest area of organic land in the world is in Australia

Unlike what many people think about organic foods, it’s not a small scale industry and that’s why the largest organic land is in Australia. With the highest number of livestock and organic preparations per hectare in the world, Australia has become the benchmark for organic food production with its strict procedures and clean food growing.

4) Pesticides are still used

This might sound contradictory, but pesticides are used except for synthetically made ones. Naturally produced insecticides and pesticides are used. Though there is a connotation of natural insecticides being better than artificially made ones, it’s not always true. What’s important here is the use of pesticide is done but it is ensured that no harmful chemicals or radiation is transmitted to the growing organic crop.

5) It’s popular and growing

While the organic food market has grown exponentially over the past few years, the trend is still ongoing and more and more people are leaning towards it. Although the cost is three times more than regularly manufactured and industry made foods. People have become more health conscious and that’s why the market has boomed and sales is high. A whopping $1.72 billion was achieved in retail sales and exports in the year 2014.