5 Tips for Preventing Falls

5 Tips for Preventing FallsAlmost everyone falls. We trip, we stumble, sometimes we are knocked over by others. Falling can be a very serious threat to health, particularly for older people. Estimates are that one third of all falls happen to those over 65 and fully fifty percent of falls happen to those over 75.

Luckily, most falls are preventable. Hinterland Chiropractic can recommend strategies for preventing and treating falls. Here are five great strategies:

1) See Your Chiropractor

Falls are often related to body health, strength, and balance. All three of these are affected by overall posture. If your spine is not in alignment it is likely that the posture of your entire body will be adversely affected and falls become more probable.

A chiropractor can use gentle adjustments to reduce vertebral subluxations, or dysfunctional areas of the spine, that cause postural problems related to falls.

2) Exercise, Exercise, Exercise.

Muscle weakness and poor balance is associated with increased likelihood of falls. Chiropractors often suggest weight training to increase strength and specific exercises that improve balance. Exercise also has beneficial effect on other conditions that can affect balance including heart disease, headache and other afflictions that can cause dizziness leading to decreased balance.

3) Eliminate Slick or Dangerous Surfaces.

Slick or dangerous floor surfaces are to blame for a high percentage of falls. Check your house for potentially dangerous surfaces:

  • Install runners on stairs
  • Light your house well
  • Place secured throw rugs on slippery floors
  • Install “safety strips” in showers and baths
  • Remove snow and ice from outdoor surfaces
  • Keep floors free of clutter/protrusions
  • Secure carpets to the floor
4) Get Support

Studies show that adding support while walking reduces stumbling. To ensure safety consider:

  • Purchasing good shoes with wide soles
  • Install railings in stairwells, bathrooms, and well-traveled areas
  • Arrange furniture close enough together for support
  • Use a cane (in your non-dominant hand)
5) Dodge Diabetes

Are you at risk of diabetes? If so, studies by Jane Richardson, MD. and colleagues at the University of Michigan Health System demonstrated that you are also at risk for peripheral neuropathy (PN). PN affects 20 percent of older people. It inhibits sensation in the feet and legs and decreases some kinds of balance by 90 percent. PN also saps muscle strength.

Fight PN by reducing calories, altering the foods you eat, and exercise. If you are at risk for or have diabetes, consult with your Hinterland chiropractor about a plan that combines diet, exercise, and blood-sugar testing.

Work with your Gold Coast Chiropractor to Eliminate Injury

Hinterland Chiropractic doesn’t just help you treat injuries related to falls, but works with you to prevent falls and other painful conditions. Falls are only one of the many dangers in our daily lives and your chiropractor can help identify these dangers so that you can eliminate they harm you. Put your health first by scheduling an appointment with your Gold Coast chiropractor at Hinterland Chiropractic.

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