Bad Posture: Effects, Consequences, And Correction

Bad Posture Effects ConsequencesAnd CorrectionAmong the many things you can do to improve and preserve the general wellbeing of your body is maintain good posture while performing any physical activity, even simple ones such as sitting, standing up, and walking.

Being lazy with the way you carry your body, slouching for instance, creates a number of health and physical problems.

These problems often begin with a simple muscle strain until it eventually progresses to chronic pain, along with a wide range of other health problems.

Negative Effects Promoted By Bad Posture

Bad posture is known to actively promote bone-and-joint misalignment to various parts of the body. As such, bad posture makes your body work unnecessarily harder even in performing relatively simple tasks.

For instance, bad posture promotes unnatural compression of your spine, which compromises the respiratory, digestive, and nervous systems of the body. In addition when you slouch your crowd your heart, lungs and organs of digestion this limits your ability to be healthy.

Additionally, your body naturally tends to overcompensate for your bad posture. As such, various muscles and ligaments surrounding the spine experience elevated levels of physical stress. These physiceal imbalances often result in muscle fatigue, a prominent risk of acquiring physical injuries, and even limited mobility.

When left uncorrected, bad posture eventually progresses to spinal joint problems such as degenerative arthritis, which causes pain and swelling, among other things such as nerve interference..

Correcting Bad Posture

Correcting bad posture is usually, and rather fortunately, an easy task. For instance, when sitting at your office desk, it is ideal that you keep both of your feet on the floor without crossing your legs if you have to cross them do it at the ankles and alternate regularly. Keep your knees at about a hip level. Keep your shoulders relaxed. Keep your head straight and your back mildly arched, but not to the point of slouching.   Make sure your ear is above your shoulder.

When standing, it is ideal that you keep, in a rather relax manner, your chest puffed out, your abdomen tucked in, and your shoulders pulled back. You should also keep your head straight.  An easy way to see if you have good posture is to back up to a wall. Have your head, upper back, bottom and heels touching the wall at the same time.  Make sure your knees are soft (relaxed and not fully extended).

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