The Top 5 Cycling Injuries

The Top 5 Cycling Injuries

Cycling is an enjoyable physical activity for all ages. However, injuries can happen.

If you do suffer an injury, your Gold Coast chiropractors have the knowledge and experience to help.

The 5 Most Common Cycling Injuries

  1. Lower Back Pain

Caused by repeated and prolonged position held in cycling. The bent-over style while sitting on the bike makes Lower Back Pain (LBP) seem inevitable.

  1. ITB (Iliotibial Band) Syndrome

Seen as an issue in many knee injuries, affecting mostly cyclists. Caused by repeated bending and straightening of the knee, leading to irritated ITB.

  1. Foot Numbness

Common among cyclists and is often caused by ill-fitting cycling shoes, cycling technique and excessive hill riding.

  1. Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain usually occurs during longer rides. Mainly caused by putting too much weight on the hands and riding with straight elbows.

  1. Acromio-Clavicular (AC) Joint Sprain

It’s a common sporting injury that affects the shoulder. Characterized by tearing of the connective tissue and ligaments of the AC joint.

Regular chiropractic care can help maximise proper body function and prevent injury to keep your body at peak performance.

Chiropractic care can also improve muscle balance and remove nerve irritation, which helps speed the healing of soft tissues.

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