The Principle of Time

If you watch one of the many Emergency Room medical drama shows on TV you could be forgiven for accepting the myth that modern medicine has triumphed over nature. It often appears that people’s conditions can be healed within one single half-hour episode (including the time taken to bring you the important messages from their sponsors).

The encultured belief in our society is that there is a drug for every condition and if the condition can’t be suppressed or eliminated then you need to seek a more powerful solution quickly. We have adopted a ‘this for that’ mentality where we expect to be ‘fixed’ or cured instantly from whatever ails us so we can get back into life again, (which is usually what caused the problem in the first place.

It is very common for a person to consult a chiropractor after many years of spinal, nerve system and whole body degeneration and want instant relief. Although the entire process of life could be seen as a miracle, the miracle of instant transformation is best reserved for TV shows.

It would appear that we are either growing or dying and that at a certain point in that process we notice it. On the downward slide we call it ‘symptoms’. There has to have been significant loss of function for symptoms to appear and they are our body’s way of letting us know that we need to pay attention to our life. It is often when symptoms appear that people first pay attention to their health.

 How long does it take for a person’s body to repair? You may wonder.

One of the fundamental principles of chiropractic is that, there is no process that does not require time. Pathology requires time to produce decay and regeneration requires time to produce health. Cut your finger it repairs in a week, fracture a limb and it repairs in 6 weeks. How long does it take for your body to repair a damaged liver, colon or kidney? We don’t know. Many years, maybe. One thing that we do know, however is, that your body knows how to repair and given the right conditions it does it every day.

Reduced health in our body stems from a series of initiating events that produce interferences. Irritation to nerves produces a body that can’t comprehend itself; we become disconnected from our source of life energy and decay sets in.

The release of interference to your source of life energy reconnects you to the power that heals and lets your body go about doing what it does best, growing, repairing and expressing life. As we said, your body knows how to repair. You just need to reduce interferences, provide the optimum environment and the right amount of TIME.