Subluxations: Bright Little Light Bulb

Bright Little Light bulbChiropractors keep referring to this big word, subluxation. What does it mean and how does its elimination so drastically benefit peoples lives

The scientific understanding of the word subluxation is described by the five components of the subluxation complex and all the big scientific alphabet soup words that that entails. Simply put, a subluxation is a complex of activities including altered movement, impaired nerve function, altered muscle and soft tissue function, and changes in bone architecture.

However, there is a much clearer description of the word ‘subluxation’ if you break it down into its root words. SUB meaning ‘less’, LUX, which is ‘a measurement of light’, and ATION, which is a ‘state of’. Subluxation is therefore a state of less light. That’s pretty simple isn’t it?

What chiropractors are dedicated to is seeing peoples’ subluxations reduced. They don’t do it for the purpose of treating people’s diseases, they do it because they know that people with fewer subluxations will radiate more light or more health.

The words of Roger Sperry, the 1980 Nobel Laureate for brain research put it this way, “The more mechanically distorted a person is, the less energy is available for thinking, metabolism and healing.” Even though Sperry is not a chiropractor he has grasped the idea that the innate ‘energy’ of life, which is often compared to electricity in the body, allows us to be all that we are capable of and distortions or interferences will make us less than we could be.

So, think of your chiropractor as the person who, by adjusting subluxations is allowing people to have a greater degree of health. In short, more bright little light bulbs inhabiting this planet.