Pain Free Does NOT Mean Injury or Disease Free

Here’s a 3 minutes and 13 seconds video Pain Free Does NOT Mean Injury or Disease Free.

Hinterland Chiropractic wants you to know that pain is often the final — not first — sign of a problem. By the time you feel pain, the physical damage is already done.

Which is why, at Hinterland, we advocate the “Chiropractic Lifestyle”. The Chiropractic Lifestyle focuses on prevention of problems, including maintaining a healthy spine for a healthy body.

Whiplash and other spinal injuries, though dangerous, often take time to cause pain, but can be treated by gentle, effective chiropractic treatment. At Hinterland we recommend you get a checkup after any traumatic incident or ‘accident’.

Don’t let injury caused damage hide!

Chiropractic adjustment can treat a range of injuries that initially “hide” pain… Hidden fractures, Arthritic Hip Degeneration, Carpal, Tunnel Injury, Knee Injury, Rotator Cuff Injury …can all occur long before pain is felt.

Many studies show that absence of pain does not mean absence of injury or disease. Don’t assume that being pain-free means you are injury or disease free. Proactively practice the chiropractic lifestyle instead. Start by visiting Hinterland Chiropractic for your checkup! Contact us today!

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Pain Free Does NOT Mean Injury or Disease Free

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